Sheahan Lock Partners has conducted a number of complex, high-profile administrations, both in Australia and offshore.  We specialise in the identification of significant legal claims which may be available to provide recoveries to stakeholders.  Our policy of strict independence allows us to fully use the investigative and recovery powers afforded to insolvency practitioners by the Corporations Act in circumstances where some practitioners might compromise their relationships were they to do so.  For example, we frequently subpoena the files of domestic and international banks and other financial institutions and also examine key banking executives and staff if we believe that such action will lead to enhanced recoveries in our administrations.

Experience gained from the institution of many hundreds of sets of legal proceedings allows us to quickly identify key litigation objectives and opportunities leading to an early focus on which documents should be sought via subpoena and which personnel should be examined/deposed.  We work closely with selected, pre-eminent legal advisors, both counsel and solicitors, in all States of Australia and overseas to ensure the optimal blending of legal and commercial skills and decision-making.